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MonaLisa Touch helps restore women’s sexual health in a matter of minutes

Sarah Krauss, MD, FACOG

by Sarah Krauss, MD, FACOG

If you are experiencing discomfort with intimacy, your Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida provider can help. 

Menopause, cancer treatment and other conditions sometimes cause dryness, thinning and a loss of elasticity of the vaginal walls. Estrogen creams and other topical therapies often provide relief, but they aren’t always effective – or at least, effective enough.

That’s why our experienced team of women’s health experts offers treatment with the MonaLisa Touch® nonsurgical laser, which can restore your vaginal health and ability to experience sexual pleasure when other therapies haven’t worked. MonaLisaTouch® is an in-office procedure that quickly and painlessly rejuvenates the tissues in your vagina without hormones or chemicals.

The technique involves using a fractional CO2 laser to deliver energy to vaginal tissue in less than five minutes. The idea is to stimulate natural healing processes within the vaginal walls.

The role of estrogen

Vaginal atrophy, or atrophic vaginitis, commonly affects menopausal and postmenopausal women. In this phase of life, a lack of estrogen causes the lining of the vagina to get drier, thinner and less elastic, sometimes causing burning, itching, spotting, and pain with sex, as well as frequent urination and urinary tract infections.

Factors unrelated to menopause can also decrease your estrogen levels and increase your likelihood of developing vaginal atrophy. These include:

Estrogen is important to several sexual and reproductive functions, including keeping your vagina pliable and well lubricated. Normally, a constant supply of fluid lines the walls of your vagina, making sexual intercourse comfortable for you and your partner. Without it, sex can be painful.

MonaLisa Touch® helps make sex enjoyable again

With MonaLisa Touch®, you don’t have to undergo an invasive surgical procedure or use hormone therapy to restore your vaginal tissue and its natural moisture.

Our providers use this safe, painless, FDA-approved laser technology to gently cause micro-injuries in your vaginal wall in a fractional pattern. Less than 10% of the tissue is affected, so the area responds quickly, and you can feel like yourself again.

In three laser sessions about six weeks apart, the procedure stimulates the growth of blood vessels and the production of elastin and collagen to restore vaginal walls.

MonaLisa Touch® is appropriate for perimenopausal and post-menopausal women, and for women who experience vaginal dryness after chemotherapy or other cancer treatments.

If you feel like sex just isn’t enjoyable anymore and other remedies haven’t helped as much as you would like, the MonaLisaTouch® just might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Contact us for a consultation or book an appointment online today.