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Why I moved my gynecology practice to Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida

Richard Murray, MD, FACOG

by Richard D Murray, MD, FACOG

After 20 plus years as a solo, independent gynecologist in Ft. Myers, I am thrilled to be joining the outstanding team of providers at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida along with my entire staff.

The benefits to my patients are many. While I will continue the individualized care that made my practice successful, my patients will now enjoy earlier and lunchtime appointments, in-house mammography including 3-D mammography, and online scheduling. Most importantly, they will save tremendous amounts of time and money with the new convenience of in-office procedures. And their medical records will easily transfer to Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida’s Ft. Myers office. 

I chose Premier for many reasons, including trust, reputation, bedside manner, and continuity of care. Having performed surgery with most members of the group at various times over the years, I have total confidence in them. For years, I have trusted them with my obstetric patients as well. Our philosophies in women’s care are a perfect match.

My specialized focus will continue to be office gynecology, which has recently expanded to include telehealth. Patients can save time and travel with telehealth visits for many issues, from discussing birth control options to treatments for menopausal symptoms, infections, genetic counseling, and even some bleeding disorders.

While I will continue to see all of my existing patients, I will also be accepting new patients, who will need to make an in-office visit before participating in telehealth. New patients can schedule appointments with me for issues or procedures such as:

I look forward to seeing my patients at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida and to sharing with them in the many advantages of being part of such a compassionate, experienced and well-respected health-care team. 

As Premier’s motto says, I will continue to offer, “The care you’ve come to expect,” and now with more of, “The convenience you need.”

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