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Why MonaLisa Touch is a Game-Changer for Women's Sexual Health

If you really have a headache, then by all means, pass on the sex tonight. But if you’re constantly coming up with excuses to avoid intimacy because sex is not comfortable or enjoyable, the solution is easier than you think.

At Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida, our extensive team of medical experts specializes in restoring your vaginal health and ability to experience sexual pleasure. With MonaLisa Touch®, a nonsurgical laser technique, we offer you a quick and painless way to rejuvenate the tissues in your vagina so they will look and feel better.

Estrogen and your vagina

Maybe you’re going through menopause or just delivered a baby. Perhaps you’ve undergone chemotherapy or radiation, had your ovaries removed, or are taking medication. Whatever the cause of your decreased estrogen, you should know how it affects your vagina.

Estrogen is responsible for several sexual and reproductive functions, and one of them is keeping your vagina well lubricated. Under normal circumstances, you’ll have a constant supply of fluid lining the walls of your vagina, which makes sexual intercourse pleasurable for you and your partner. Loss of estrogen means loss of moisture, and a dry vagina can make for painful sex.

Estrogen also contributes to healthy tissues inside your vagina. It keeps them soft and pliable — also part of a good sexual experience. When your estrogen levels drop off due to menopause, medication, or other factors, your vagina loses elasticity and thins out. 

In addition to uncomfortable sex, these changes can also cause itching, burning, and even bleeding.

How MonaLisa Touch helps you enjoy sex

Vaginal atrophy was once only treatable with surgery. Now, with MonaLisa Touch, you can restore your vaginal tissue and its natural moisture without invasive procedures.

Our team uses safe, painless laser beams to gently cause micro-injuries in your vaginal skin, which increases circulation and triggers your body to produce three important components of a healthy vagina.


One of the most plentiful proteins in the human body, collagen literally holds everything together. It provides structure to tendons, muscles, bones, and skin — yes, even the skin in your vagina. So when you lose collagen due to aging, your vaginal area thins out and becomes less plump and pliant.

MonaLisa Touch stimulates your body to produce more collagen, which in turn plumps up the skin.


Another protein found throughout your body, elastin works hand in hand with collagen to give your skin its youthful appearance. Just as wrinkles and sags appear on your face when you lose elastin, the same thing happens in your vagina, it’s just harder to see in a mirror. 

MonaLisa Touch prompts your body to increase its production of elastin to give your vaginal skin the ability to maintain its structure and bounce back after sex.

Hyaluronic acid

A naturally occurring substance in your body, hyaluronic acid has an amazing capacity to hold water — about 1,000 times more than its own weight. This is great news when you have plenty of it in your vagina during sex. But what happens when you’re running low? Dry vaginal tissues make sex difficult and painful.

MonaLisa Touch can restore your body’s ability to manufacture hyaluronic acid so you can enjoy smooth, pain-free sex again.

If you’ve had a decrease in estrogen for some reason and are noticing that sex just isn’t what it used to be, we can help. Contact us for a consultation or book an appointment online today. 

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