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In-Office Surgery

At Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida, our obstetrician-gynecologists can perform many procedures in the comfort of our office, enabling you to avoid the less familiar surroundings and higher charges associated with surgery centers and hospitals. If your doctor recommends surgical treatment for postmenopausal or abnormal uterine bleeding, polyps, or fibroids, he or she can usually provide that care on-site at our offices in Cape Coral or Fort Myers. We can also perform biopsies for diagnosing abnormal Pap smears, provide relief from vaginal dryness and other menopausal symptoms, and even help women through miscarriages with in-office procedures. This ensures your problems will be resolved efficiently and effectively, with more personalized treatment, and at a lower cost. 

In-office procedures offered

The experienced, highly trained physicians at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida offer the following procedures in the office:

If you have questions or need to schedule a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, you can request a new patient appointment online. If you are already an established patient, you can book online through the patient portal. Or you can always call (239) 432-5858 to schedule a consultation with one of Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida’s women’s health-care providers in Fort Myers or Cape Coral.

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