Premier Women's Care of Southwest Florida does not allow videotaping during ultrasound procedures. Prior to your appointment, please review our office policies.

Obstetrics Patient Resources

Your First Visit: What To Expect

Confirmation Visit

First you will have a “confirmation of pregnancy visit”. This visit is generally scheduled around 7 to 9 weeks of pregnancy and includes an ultrasound to establish your due date and ensure that the pregnancy is healthy.

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New OB Appointment

Your next visit will be the longer “new OB appointment.” You will meet with a financial counselor who specializes in pregnancy billing. You will be interviewed by one of our OB Coordinators. She will obtain your health history, past obstetrical history, and your family history. The OB Coordinator will review education materials, medications and discuss specialty testing that can be done during your pregnancy. She will give you information about pediatricians, childbirth classes and hospital registration. Your lab work will also be done at this appointment.

Ongoing Appointments

For the remainder of the pregnancy low risk patients will be seen every 4 weeks until 28 weeks. Then appointments with be about every 2 weeks. You will have another ultrasound to check the anatomy of your baby at 19-22 weeks. The last month of the pregnancy appointments will be weekly until delivery. (Appointments are scheduled at the discretion of the care provider). At these appointments your provider will be checking your urine, vital signs and the fetal heart rate to ensure that you and baby are healthy.

Postpartum Appointments

After your delivery you will be scheduled for 1 or 2 postpartum visits. At these visits your provider will check to see how you are physically and emotionally recovering from your delivery. You may also discuss breastfeeding issues and future contraception options.

Remember all scheduled appointments are important for you to keep in order for your care provider to provide you with the best obstetrical care. Please call ahead if you need to change appointments. Please note that some testing we provide is time sensitive and must be done within a certain time-frame. Lab results will be reviewed by your care provider at your following appointment.

Hospital Coverage

While you may see any provider in our practice for your routine prenatal care, providers deliver only at specific hospitals. You may wish to select your hospital for delivery based on where your provider delivers after hours and on weekends. There is a designated provider on-call for Fort Myers and Cape Coral every night of the week.