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Gentle C-Section

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If you need to have a Caesarean section or C-section, it’s important to know that you can now have a more natural childbirth experience with a gentle C-section. The physicians and certified midwives at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida proudly offer gentle C-sections so you can see your baby being born and experience the joy of holding your baby right after delivery. To learn more about gentle C-sections, call one of the offices in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Lehigh Acres, or book an appointment online.

Gentle C-Section Q & A

When is a C-Section Necessary?

Your doctor may recommend a C-section, or surgical delivery of the baby through your abdomen when a health condition exists that makes vaginal delivery risky. The choice of a C-section is also made when a problem arises during delivery.

Whenever your doctor determines a C-section is necessary, it’s always to protect the health of you and your baby.

These are a few examples of conditions that often require a C-section:

  • Labor fails to progress
  • Fetal distress (baby has an abnormal heart)
  • Umbilical cord problems
  • Baby too large to pass through the birth canal
  • Breech or transverse position
  • Multiple babies
  • Placenta separates too early or blocks the vaginal canal
  • More than one prior C-section
  • Uterine rupture


The mother’s health also influences the decision. For example, you may need a C-section if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or an infection that could pass to your baby during vaginal delivery.

What is a Gentle C-Section?

In the event you need to deliver with a C-section, your doctor from Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida makes your delivery as comfortable and natural as possible with a gentle C-section.

It’s a gentle C-section because every effort is made to help you participate in the experience. By comparison, standard C-sections are more like surgery than a wonderful childbirth.

Here’s what your doctor does to make your C-section gentle:

  • Clear Drape: Draping is important to maintain a sterile field where the incision is made. In standard C-sections, the drape blocks the mother’s view. With a gentle C-section, a clear drape is used so that you can see your baby being delivered.
  • Free Arms: During a standard C-section, your arms are stabilized. With a gentle C-section, your arms are free to move.
  • Contact with Your Baby: Your baby is placed on top of you directly after delivery for skin-to-skin contact and to allow for breastfeeding.


Can I Deliver Vaginally After a C-Section?

Many women can go on to have a vaginal delivery after a C-section. The only concern is that the incision site from your C-section may cause a weak area that ruptures during a vaginal delivery.

Your doctor can evaluate your previous incision and decide whether it’s safe to attempt a vaginal delivery.

Whether you know ahead of time that you’ll need a C-section or it’s a decision made during delivery, you can count on a more natural experience from the doctors at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida. To learn more about gentle C-sections, call or book an appointment online.