A woman points to an image on a screen while performing an ultrasound on a Hispanic woman.


Ultrasound technology uses soundwaves and their echoes to safely and painlessly create images that enable your doctor to observe internal organs or structures. They allow doctors to see the health of a patient’s organs and gather information about lesions, such as whether they are solid or filled with fluid. Ultrasounds also enable a doctor or midwife to monitor a baby’s development inside the mother.

The skilled obstetrician-gynecologists at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida use ultrasound for prenatal exams, as well as for diagnosis of reproductive health issues. Our sonographers are expert at imaging the pelvic organs. Unlike at a hospital or other imaging facility, your sonographer at Premier Women’s Care only performs ultrasounds of the pelvis, and they are very skilled. Two advantages of ultrasounds over other imaging technologies are that they are noninvasive and that they do not use ionizing radiation. 

Ultrasound in pregnancy

Most pregnant patients have two ultrasounds: the first at the initial prenatal visit to confirm the pregnancy; and the second at about 20 weeks to evaluate the baby’s anatomy and check for any signs of abnormalities. The baby’s gender can also be determined at the time of the second ultrasound.

Diagnostic ultrasound

When a woman has a gynecologic issue such as pelvic pain or abnormal periods, an ob-gyn will use an ultrasound to help determine the cause. An ultrasound might show an abnormal growth such as a fibroid or an ovarian cyst. The good news is that our providers can treat those things with medication and minimally invasive procedures.

Preparing for your ultrasound

It is important to remember that ultrasound is a painless imaging technology. Your Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida provider will tell you if you need to have any special preparation for your ultrasound.  In general, you should wear comfortable, loose clothing in which you can easily expose your abdomen.  However, some ultrasounds of the reproductive organs need to be performed inside of your vagina instead of on your abdomen. Your provider will discuss what type of ultrasound you need and may give you additional instructions. Some procedures, for example, require you to have a full bladder.

If you are pregnant or having gynecological problems such as heavy bleeding, you can request a new patient appointment online. If you are already an established patient, you can book online through the patient portal. Or you can always call (239) 432-5858 to schedule a consultation with one of Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida’s women’s health-care providers in Fort Myers or Cape Coral.

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