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When you’re young and planning a family, chances are infertility is far from your mind, yet 10-15% of couples aren’t pregnant after a year of trying. The physicians at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida have extensive experience providing infertility evaluations and treatments for infertility. If you have a hard time getting pregnant, call one of the offices in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Lehigh Acres, Florida, or book an appointment online.

Infertility Q & A

When Should I Seek Help for Infertility?

You should schedule an infertility evaluation at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida when you meet any of the following guidelines:

  • Women under the age of 35: not pregnant after one year of regular, unprotected intercourse
  • Women aged 35 to 40: not pregnant after six months of regular, unprotected intercourse
  • Women over the age of 40: as soon as you decide you want to have a baby


If you have a history of irregular menstrual cycles, or you’re diagnosed with a gynecologic condition that affects your fertility, you should also talk with your doctor right from the start.

Why Does Age Affect Infertility?

Age is a significant factor in infertility because the number and quality of eggs decline as women get older.

Women are most fertile through their early 30s. From 30 to 35, fertility starts to gradually decline.

After the age of 35, your fertility drops rapidly and, by the time you’re 40, your ability to get pregnant declines every month.

What Causes Infertility?

Though there are many possible causes of infertility in both partners, these are some of the most common reasons women have a hard time getting pregnant:

  • Ovulation Problems: You may not release an egg from your ovaries because of a physical problem like scarring or a hormone imbalance. Ovulatory problems are found in about 25-30% of infertile women.
  • Tubal Defect: Doctors have found a problem with the Fallopian tubes in 20-30% of infertile women. Scarring or an infection may damage the tubes and prevent an egg from being fertilized.
  • Endometriosis: Endometriosis causes infertility by damaging your ovaries and Fallopian tubes. It’s the cause of infertility in 5-10% of women who can’t get pregnant.

How is Infertility Treated?

Your doctor at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida performs blood tests, diagnostic imaging, and possibly exploratory laparoscopy to determine the cause of your infertility.

Treatment for infertility is tailored to address the underlying cause. Your doctor may prescribe medication to promote ovulation or recommend minimally invasive surgery to correct a problem like endometriosis or fibroids.

Some women may need intrauterine insemination or other types of assisted reproductive technology to help them get pregnant.

You can count on your doctor at Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida to determine why you’re infertile and to help you every step of the way toward becoming pregnant and having a healthy baby. To schedule an infertility evaluation, call or book an appointment online.