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Don't Endure Painful Sex After Menopause: Learn About MonaLisa Touch®

Banish painful sex after menopause with MonaLisa Touch

Not long ago, women who suffered from vaginal atrophy had primarily one option, hormone therapy. But now there’s an alternative.

At Premier Women's Care of Southwest Florida, we offer MonaLisa Touch®, an innovative treatment that uses focused laser energy to restore and rejuvenate your vaginal tissues, so painful symptoms are eliminated.

Vaginal atrophy: Causes and symptoms

Your vagina depends on estrogen and collagen to stay firm, resilient, elastic and lubricated. Collagen is an important component of our connective tissues, including our skin. When we age, both estrogen levels and collagen production drop off. The decrease in estrogen means the vaginal tissues become a lot drier and more prone to irritation. At the same time, the decline in collagen makes the vagina less resilient and elastic. Together, these changes add up to the uncomfortable symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy.

Painful intercourse is one of the primary symptoms of vaginal atrophy, but it’s not the only one.

Atrophy is also associated with:

Without medical intervention, vaginal atrophy symptoms can become much worse, causing chronic irritation that can make a lot of daily activities uncomfortable.

How MonaLisa Touch works

MonaLisa Touch treats vaginal atrophy by stimulating natural collagen production inside the vaginal tissues. When collagen production is ramped up, your vagina becomes firmer and more elastic and begins to produce more of its natural lubricants.

MonaLisa Touch uses a special wand-shaped device created specifically for the vagina. Once inserted into your vagina, the wand emits controlled bursts of laser energy all the way around the contours of the wand to treat the entire surface of the vaginal canal. The laser energy penetrates the vaginal tissues without harming them, stimulating natural healing responses including the production of collagen, which plays a major role in tissue healing. As collagen production ramps up, your vagina “rebuilds” damaged tissues over the following weeks to restore natural firmness, elasticity, and lubrication.

The entire MonaLisa Touch treatment takes just a few minutes, and afterward, you can go back to your regular daily activities. You may have some mild swelling and discomfort right after treatment, but these effects will dissipate within a few days. It’s also a good idea to avoid sexual intercourse during this early healing phase to prevent irritation.

While you can experience benefits from a single treatment with the MonaLisa Touch, most patients benefit from a series of three to five treatments spaced several weeks apart to maintain collagen production and achieve optimal results. Annual “touch-up” treatments can help you maintain those results indefinitely.

Put an end to painful intercourse

With MonaLisa Touch, there’s no reason to live with vaginal atrophy and the painful symptoms it causes. To learn more about MonaLisa Touch therapy and how it can help you feel better, contact the practice today.

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