Getting the COVID-19 vaccine lowers your risk for COVID-19, as well as the risk for everyone around you. Learn the facts about COVID-19. ACOG Brief on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Women's Health Care

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New patients will discover many advantages to Premier Women’s Care

At Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida, new patients are always welcome.

With offices in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres, we are a large practice with a small practice feel.

Whether you are pregnant, having gynecological problems, or just looking to establish a relationship with an ob-gyn, you can get a new patient appointment with one of our expert, compassionate providers within two weeks.

Once you’ve had your new patient appointment, the wait for subsequent appointments can be a matter of hours rather than days, as we can often accommodate same-day appointments.

We’ve designed our practice to offer you convenience

We know your time is valuable, and we use it as wisely as possible. As a full-service obstetrics and gynecology practice, most of your ob-gyn care happens within our office. And we offer Saturday and evening appointments, as well as telehealth visits, to accommodate your schedule.

When here for your annual well-woman exam, you can also have your 3-D mammogram on the same day, in the same location, at either our Fort Myers or Cape Coral offices. If you need one, you can have your pelvic ultrasound and meet with your provider immediately afterward to review the results.

And for many gynecological problems, we can perform minimally invasive procedures in our office without general anesthesia. In-office surgeries enable you to avoid the larger co-pays and time commitment that an outpatient hospital surgery would involve. Of course, when necessary we can also perform any in-patient gynecologic surgery you might need.

Our in-office procedures include:

Prior to any of these procedures we will meet with you to explain exactly what to expect, step by step.

Our obstetrics team is here for you and your baby

As an obstetrics patient, you will be welcomed at the beginning of your pregnancy in a longer conversation to help us understand your individual needs and preferences, as well as your medical history.

Once you choose your Premier provider, you will get to know the team caring for you, including not only your obstetrician or nurse midwife, but also two dedicated medical assistants as well as our obstetrics coordinators, who are registered nurses that will be answering your phone calls. Depending on your chosen provider, you will deliver at Cape Coral Hospital Family Birth Suites or Healthpark Hospital.

At times, if your preferred provider is not in the office, or not on call, then you have the option to see a different one in order to have your obstetric or gynecologic needs met. If you are in the hospital, and your provider is not available, then you will be cared for by the on-call physician or midwife. We all work as a team to take care of all of our patients.

At every pregnancy visit, we assess you and the baby to ensure that you are both healthy and that the pregnancy is progressing normally. This includes obtaining a blood pressure, checking a urine sample, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. In addition, we will take the time to answer any questions you may have about your pregnancy and explain what to expect and what signs to look out for given the particular stage of pregnancy you are in.

Choose from among our expert women’s health-care providers

We encourage you to take the time to read about our providers and choose which one would be best for you. You might also want to take into consideration the locations at which the provider practices, as not all providers go to each office location.

No matter which provider or office you choose, you will be well cared for by a team that has served the area for more than 30 years.

We encourage you to schedule an annual exam to ask questions, share your concerns and receive women’s health guidance for the year to come. Annual exams are also important for ruling out cancer and giving you peace of mind. Based on the recommendations for your age, you will be evaluated for breast, cervical, uterine, ovarian, vulvar, and vaginal cancer. Over the age of 40 this includes a 3-D mammogram. In women at high risk for breast cancer, this might start at a younger age.

Any gynecologic visit scheduled to address a problem you are having begins with us listening to your concerns. After a thorough discussion of your history and possibly a physical exam, we will describe our assessment of what could be causing the problem and recommend follow-up testing and treatment options.

Your health, comfort and convenience are of utmost importance to us.

Premier care is our commitment to you.

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