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The Many Benefits and uses of da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Surgeries

Robotic-assisted surgery in South Florida

Robotic surgery may sound like a plot line from a science fiction novel, but actually, using robots and computers to assist in surgical procedures isn’t a brand-new concept. In fact, robot-assisted surgery began way back in 1985. Since then the technology and therefore benefits, have improved dramatically.

 At Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida, we use the da Vinci Surgical System to perform a wide array of gynecological procedures. Our team offers the following overview.

Robotic-Assisted surgery: What exactly is it?

The first thing to know is your surgeon is 100 percent in charge. He or she performs the surgery while seated nearby at a computer console.

First, two or more tiny incisions are made near the treatment site. Tiny scopes equipped with even tinier cameras and lights are then inserted into one or more incisions. These cameras capture "real-time" video of the inside of your body, transmitting those images to a magnified video monitor that provides your surgeon with a sharp and up-close view of the surgical field.

From the computer console, he or she controls special instruments which are attached to a robotic arm. Because the robot is controlled by software, the movements of the instruments are extremely precise, even more, precise than movements made by a human hand. The other advantage: the robotic arm can maneuver the surgical instruments in ways and into areas that a human can’t.

Lots of applications

At Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida, we use the da Vinci Surgical System during several different procedures, including general surgeries and surgeries specific to women’s reproductive health. Using the da Vinci system, we can perform delicate procedures like:

Lots of benefits

While any of these procedures also can be performed using “traditional” approaches or laparoscopic techniques without robot assistance, the da Vinci system helps your surgeon achieve more predictable results by enhancing the surgeon’s precision and skills during certain parts of the procedure. The da Vinci robot system can be very helpful in treating conditions that cause abnormal or heavy vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, and even incontinence.

Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida, we’re dedicated to providing patient-centered care that’s focused on the unique and individual needs of every woman. To learn more about robot-assisted surgery or to schedule an exam or consultation, contact the practice today.


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