Dr. Cathy Balogh provides patient-centered care and forms partnerships with her patients

by Cathy Balogh, D.O.

Premier Women’s Care of Southwest Florida is everything I was looking for in a practice. They have a patient-centered approach and are very personable. They value continuity of care and education for patients, as well as providing evidence-based medicine.

What I enjoy about being an ob-gyn is that I can see a patient from her adolescent years through adulthood and as she experiences important life events.

In particular, what I love about obstetrics is that I can see a patient for her prenatal counseling, pregnancy, delivery, postpartum care and then well-woman exams.

I also enjoy helping patients resolve their gynecological problems through minimally invasive surgeries, which includes robotics and laparoscopic gynecologic surgery as well as minor surgeries such as endometrial ablations.

My training includes certification in da Vinci robotics, which can be used to treat conditions that cause abnormal or heavy vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain and even incontinence. Da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery offers many advantages over traditional and even laparoscopic surgery, including greater precision and quicker recovery time.

I enjoy listening to my patients and forming a partnership with them. My goal is to provide them with the individualized care they deserve. Serving others is important to me, and it is why I have been on missionary trips to Nicaragua, Peru and the Dominican Republic and hope to go on more.

When I am not caring for my patients, I love to be outdoors, especially boating, fishing and spending time with family, which is why Lee County is the perfect place for me.

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